Salzburg is too beautiful to stay home

Travelling throughout the entire state has never been as easy as it is now with your personal myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket – unbeatably cheap, too! Collect your myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket now and ride local and long-distance buses and trains in the city and the entire state of Salzburg for 12 consecutive months for the price of 299 euros, or a monthly price of 25 euros. Since july 1st the ticket is also from, to and in Freilassing valid. The minimum period is one year and, unless terminated in due time by a notice, the SEPA direct debit mandate is automatically extended by another year.


  • Everyone from the age of 64 up (from January 1st 2022 from 65 years!)
  • No other customer cards are needed (such as the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB)’s Vorteilscard Senior).
  • Holders of myRegio yearly ticket, the “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket” may bring a bicycle on-board free-of-charge. All informations for bicycle transport can you find here.


  • The ticket can be used for all means of public transport: local and long-distance buses and trains (S-Bahn, Lokalbahn, Regional Express, Intercity)
  • In the city and the entire Salzburg state and from, to and in Freilassing
  • Always: without time restriction, 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • The ticket can be replaced in the event of loss.
  • Dogs can be transported free-of-charge.
  • Another advantage: myRegio bonus book!
    The ticket offers numerous attractive discounts and benefits with the partners of the Salzburg Transport Association (SVV).

How much is the myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket

The myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket costs 299,- euro for a year, if you choose to pay the whole amount in advance. If you want to pay the amount partially, 25,- euro will be debitted monthly via sepa direct debit from your bank account.

Territorial validity

myRegio Edelweiß-Tickets are valid for all bus and railway lines of the Salzburg Transport Association on offer in the entire timetable without any time restriction. The tickets may be used for an unlimited number of rides. No longer is an additional core zone fee (Kernzonenzuschlag) payable to the municipal transport companies.

myRegio Edelweiß-Tickets also includes the entire:

  •  line 111 from Salzburg to Feldkirchen-center
  • line 112 from Laufen to Ostermiething
  • line 120 from Salzburg to Palting-center
  • line 140 from Salzburg to Mondsee, the entire line 149 to Ried am Wolfgangsee HLW
  • line 150 from Salzburg to Bad Ischl
  • line 156 from St. Gilgen to Mondsee, the Salzburg local railway to Ostermiething and, within the zone Straßwalchen, the lines to Friedburg.
  • line 260 from Salzburg via the  “Kleine Deutsche Eck” to Zell am See
  • line 180 to Bad Reichenhall
  • line 470 from Golling to Gosau, incl. a branch-off point at Pass Gschütt
  • the bus and railway lines to and in Freilassing

Rides with night buses 9xx are not included and must be paid extra.


Seniorenticket Gültigkeitsbereich

Seniorenticket Gültigkeitsbereich

THIS IS HOW YOU CAN GET YOUR “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket”

The easiest way to get it is online: please click here!

Otherwise, please collect an application form from any of our offices and return it to us in one of the following three ways:

 1. by post addressed to the Salzburg Transport Association | Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH, Schallmooser Hauptstraße 10 | Postfach 74 | A-5027 Salzburg
 2. by e-mail sent to
 3. by fax sent to 0662 875787-111
 4. online here

You can also obtain your senior transport network ticket from the following Salzburg Transport Association (SVV) offices.


In the event of return of an already valid senior transport network ticket “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket”, one quarter of the annual price (i.e. 75 euros) will be charged for each commenced month of use. If the ticket was paid for by a single advance payment, any outstanding balance for the unused share of the ticket will be refunded by reverse transfer. Refunds can only be processed through the Austrian Transport Association (Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH).


You possess an “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket” for the selling price of 299 euros, for which you have paid cash, valid from 18th February 2019 until 17th February 2020. The ticket is returned in a customer centre of the Salzburg Transport Association on 30th April 2019. The “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket” has thus been used for 3 months (February, March, April). 3x 75 euros deducted from 299 euros equals a balance of 74 euros.

No refund is paid for tickets used for four months or longer.


Are you a loyal annual card customer? Provided that you meet the relevant criteria, you can switch to the senior transport network ticket “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket”. This can be done exclusively at the customer centre of the Salzburg Transport Association (Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH), Schallmooser Hauptstraße 10, 5020 Salzburg, starting from 10th December 2017. You may also carry out such exchange through a proxy with a written power of attorney. The annual card which is to be exchanged for an “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket” must not be a replacement or duplicate card. This exchange does not lead to loss of the state subsidy!

What you need
A completed application form for the senior transport network ticket “myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket” – in the event of SEPA direct debit mandate, an additional signature must be included!
If you are applying through a proxy, a written power of attorney!
 An ID document with your photograph, showing your age as applicant (if a proxy is applied on your behalf, a copy of your ID is sufficient
Bring along your current annual card as it will be withdrawn.

The number of days for which you have actually used the annual card will be calculated. Any outstanding balance will be credited to a bank account specified by you.

Issuing offices

Please note the opening times of the respective customer centers!

  • Kundencenter Salzburg Verkehr:
    Schallmooser Hauptstraße 10, 5020 Salzburg
  • Salzburg AG, ServiceCenter Verkehr:
    Lokalbahn (Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, Basement): Südtirolerplatz 1, 5020 Salzburg
    Mönchsbergaufzug: Gstättengasse 13, 5020 Salzburg
    Alpenstraße: Alpenstraße 91, 5020 Salzburg
    Pinzgauer Lokalbahn: Kundencenter Mittersill, Wachtlehenweg 3, Mittersill
  • Österreichische Bundesbahnen:
    Hauptbahnhof Salzburg
    Bahnhof Zell am See
  • Österreichische Postbus AG
    Postbusstelle, Zinsgasse 5, Tamsweg
  • Laube-Postpartner, Hallein
    Postgasse 3, 5400 Hallein
  • Passengers travelling with luggage and/or sports equipment: please enquire about the terms of luggage transportation, including any costs in connection therewith, directly with the relevant transport company.
  • Passengers travelling with animals, please click here for an extract from the relevant tariff provisions.
  • The tariff provisions of the Salzburg Transport Association, as amended at the relevant point in time, apply!

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