The state travel card for students and apprentices.

The SUPER s’COOL-CARD is the Salzburg state’s public transport network card financed with both federal and state money. It is always valid from 1st September to 31st August of the following year. To travel abroad, a regular s’COOL-CARD or another valid travel ticket is still needed.

For just 96 euros, you can use all means of public transport of the Salzburg Transport Association (SVV) within the state of Salzburg all year round. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want and as often as you want – all with a single card! The only exception are all night bus lines 9xx.

To obtain the card, you need to apply online and pay the sales price of, currently, 96 euros.  Obtaining the SUPER s’COOL-CARD is subject to statutory provisions. A prior application for the s’COOL-CARD is not necessary. The SUPER s’COOL-CARD cannot be issued to higher-education students (university and technical colleges) and attendees of further education courses (WIFI (Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Economic Chambers)/BFI vocational training institute /Volkshochschule).

You can find further important information in our tariff provisions!

SUPER s'COOL-CARD – The state travel card for pupils and apprentices

SUPER s’COOL-CARD eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a SUPER s’COOL-CARD, you must fulfil statutory requirements. In this respect, we cannot make any exceptions and are bound by such requirements. If you order your SUPER s’COOL-CARD by providing false details, you will be liable for damage and need to prepare yourself for unpleasant consequences.

  • You are student at a public school (school accessible to all) or an apprentice preparing for a vocation recognized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (bmdw)
  • You may not be older than 24 as of 1 September 2021.
  • Your main place of residence, your school or your apprenticeship centre lies within the Salzburg state.

Have you already had a SUPER s’COOL-CARD?

You may renew your SUPER s’COOL-CARD through an online application. Simply order the card by providing your customer number which you can find on your current SUPER s’COOL-CARD.

Online ordering with the data sheet “Freifahrtinformation” (Free Transport Information)

You will receive from your class teacher a data sheet entitled “Freifahrtinformationen” (Free Transport Information) which contains your personal order code. Enter the code on our ordering platform – it will save you the work of typing in your personal data and obtaining a confirmation of your school attendance. You may learn about whether your school offers such data sheets directly from your class teacher or the school’s administration office. Many federal and state schools already offer this possibility.

If there is a problem with your personal data, or your address or contact information has changed, please inform your class teacher of the relevant change. Proceed to ordering your card only after your class teacher has updated your data. After you have uploaded a current photo and specified the payment method, complete your application.  Every step will be explained in detail or confirmed by e-mail; please read these e-mails carefully. There are altogether four steps and thus also four e-mails. Make sure, too, that you have enough e-mail storage space so that no important message is lost. That will save you, as well as us, unpleasant surprises.

Online ordering for all other schools or ordering without a data sheet

You can, of course, enter your personal data onto our ordering platform even without the data sheet and pay with a credit card, an eps online bank transfer or a regular bank transfer. After you answer the question which ticket you want to order (s’COOL-CARD or SUPER s’COOL-CARD), proceed to the menu subsection “Mit Kundennummer” (Enter your Salzburg Verkehr customer number) to order your card. If you do not have a customer number, you can order under the menu subsection “Manuell mit Daten” (Enter your personal details yourself).


The digital SUPER s’COOL-CARD with an “S-Pass” app is a full-feature substitute for the SUPER s’COOL-CARD, but it is your responsibility to keep the app always operational. If your battery runs out and you cannot prove that you have a digital or regular SUPER s’COOL-CARD, you are, in fact, travelling without a valid travel ticket and have to purchase one. In such a case, no subsequent refund will be provided.

If you have any questions or need advice, please call our Salzburg Verkehr Service Hotline  +43 (0) 662 632900.

Issuing a replacement SUPER s'COOL-CARD

Do you need to replace your SUPER s’COOL-CARD? Lost? Stolen? Illegible? Broken? No problem!

Free-of-charge (as a digital travel card)

  • Do you remember the letter which accompanied your SUPER s’COOL-CARD? You can find a QR code in the letter. With this QR code and the “S-Pass” app (for Android and iOS) you can activate a digital SUPER s’COOL-CARD on your smartphone. Such digital travel card is valid as a full-feature replacement!If you no longer have the letter with the QR code, send us an e-mail with the subject “Zusendung QR-Code” (QR code mailing), your name and date of birth to
    Note: If your battery runs out or you have forgotten your mobile phone and you are unable to prove your travel authorization, you must pay for the transport. Subsequent refund is not possible! To stay on the safe side, a physical card is actually still quite handy.

For the price of 10 euros (as a physical travel card)

  • Apply for “Ersatzausstellung SUPER s’COOL-CARD” (issuance of a replacement SUPER s’COOL-CARD)
    You can return the application by post or scanned by e-mail. Please follow carefully the information on the form!
  • Or, you can return it in person at our customer centre: Salzburg Verkehr, Schallmooser Hauptstraße 10, 5020 Salzburg

FAQ_ Frequently asked questions about SUPER s´COOL CARD

Who can buy or use the SUPER s’COOL-CARD?

Only pupils, vocational students and apprentices under 24 who have their place of residence or school/training centre in Salzburg state can apply for SUPER s’COOL-CARD. The SUPER s’COOL-CARD can be ordered exclusively online under

I already have a valid s’COOL-CARD and would like to switch to the SUPER s’COOL-CARD.

Order your SUPER s’COOL-CARD under entering your customer number shown on your s’COOL-CARD. Our system automatically recognizes that you already have an s’COOL-CARD. You will have to pay the price difference of 76.40 euros. The balance of 19.60 euros already paid by you will be taken into account.

Note: Please use your customer number if you are ordering an upgrade card, as otherwise you will be charged the full 96 euros. However, if this has happened to you, you can take advantage of our form “Antrag auf Rückerstattung” (Application for Refund). Remedying the situation and processing it is time-consuming and can take several days.

For how long is the SUPER s’COOL-CARD valid?

The SUPER s’COOL-CARD is always valid from 1st September until 31st August of the following year. If you order your SUPER s’COOL-CARD later, it is still valid until 31st August. It is not possible to issue the card for another period adjusted on the basis of the date of your order. Ordering a SUPER s’COOL-CARD at a later date also has no impact on the sales price; your SUPER s’COOL-CARD will not be any cheaper.

Where is the SUPER s’COOL-CARD valid?

The SUPER s’COOL-CARD is valid for all bus and railway lines of the Salzburg Verkehr in the entire state of Salzburg, including line 260 crossing the “Kleine Deutsche Eck” (the “tiny german corner”) and the Salzburger Lokalbahn to the final station of Ostermiething. In addition, the SUPER s’COOL-CARD is also valid on the lines “Salzburg – Ried am Wolfgangsee”, and “St. Gilgen or
Mondsee – Unterburgau am Attersee”, the entire line 150 from Salzburg to Bad Ischl, the entire line 140 from Salzburg to Mondsee and the entire line 156 from St. Gilgen to Mondsee.

Thanks to the corridor line 260’s status, it is possible to board or get off the bus on the German side, too.

The use of the night bus lines 9xx is excluded and must be paid for separately.

Bavaria: When coming from Bavaria, the first included train stop is “Salzburg, S-Bahn Liefering” and the first included bus stops are “Salzburg, Rott”, “Oberndorf Staatsgrenze”, “Walserberg Staatsgrenze”, “Großgmain Staatsgrenze”, “Anif-Grödig Hangenden Stein” or “Unken Steinpass”. If the route either starts or ends in Bavaria, an additional s’COOL-CARD or another valid travel ticket is necessary for the remainder of the trip.

Upper Austria: If the train is boarded or alighted beyond the area of the Salzburger Lokalbahn, the bus lines 140, 150, 156, or the arrival/departure point “HLW Ried am Wolfgangsee”, elsewhere within the Upper-Austrian tariff zone of the Salzburg Verkehr, an additional s’COOL-CARD or another valid travel ticket is necessary for the remainder of the trip.

Can I use a bus or train immediately after I have ordered my SUPER s’COOL-CARD?

If you pay for your SUPER s’COOL-CARD with a credit card, an eps online bank transfer or an instant transfer, you receive a temporary self-print travel ticket by e-mail within 24 hours (except for weekends and holidays). If you choose another payment method, however, such temporary ticket is only issued after the relevant amount is allocated which can take several days.

I have lost my SUPER s’COOL-CARD. What can I do?

If you have lost your SUPER s’COOL-CARD or it has become unusable due to damage (e.g. illegible), apply for a new one using the application “Antrag auf Ersatzausstellung SUPER s’COOL-CARD” (application for issuance of a replacement SUPER s’COOL-CARD). You will obtain a duplicate against the payment of the replacement fee of 10 euros.

Can I give my SUPER s’COOL-CARD to my brother/sister or a friend?

The SUPER s’COOL-CARD is a personal travel card valid only for you. If you give it to another person, you expose yourself to a penalty.

My school is in another Austrian state neighbouring with the state of Salzburg, my place of residence is in the state of Salzburg (or vice versa). Can I travel to the other state with my SUPER s’COOL-CARD?

No, the SUPER s’COOL-CARD is only valid within the Salzburg state. Trips beyond its borders from and to Upper Austria, must be covered with the s’COOL-CARD, if possible. First order a s’COOL-CARD and then upgrade it to the SUPER s’COOL-CARD if you want to be fully mobile within the entire Salzburg state.  If you want to be fully mobile within Upper Austria, get the “Jugendticket Netz” from our Upper-Austrian colleagues. Both cards can be combined if you, for example, travel from Linz to Salzburg by ÖBB (Austrian federal railways) trains.

I use the “S-Pass” app. Do I have to carry my original SUPER s’COOL-CARD as well?

The digital SUPER s’COOL-CARD is a full-feature substitute for the plastic card.

Note: If your battery runs out or you have forgotten your mobile phone, you have no valid travel ticket and must pay for the transport. Subsequent refund is not possible! Bring your physical SUPER s’COOL-CARD, too – just in case.

Does my SUPER s’COOL-CARD give me any other advantages?

Thanks to our cooperation with Akzente Salzburg and their “S-Pass”, the Salzburg youth card, we can offer price discounts and other benefits available with more than 300 partners cooperating with S-Pass. To enjoy the full spectrum of benefits, register at the S-Pass website.

Who can help me if I have more questions about the SUPER s’COOL-CARD?

You can get answers to any questions you may have about the SUPER s’COOL-CARD at +43 (0)662 / 632900 (for the price charged within Austria by your telephone provider).

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