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Barrier-free travel

Salzburg Verkehr on the move: Accessibility for everyone.


Sometimes mobility has its limits – but we think unlimited mobility should be given for everyone. With the right ticket, the KlimaTicket Salzburg SPEZIAL for 274 Euro per year, and the right vehicles. Accessibility: Therefore it is important to make sure you reach your desired destination by using public transport – no matter whether you are physically impaired or not.

This is why our operating companies are mindful of the usability for people with reduced mobility when purchasing new vehicles.

In cases where barrier-free travel is not possible yet, our staff is on hand with help for you.

Below you can find all our partners’ website addresses with further information and contact details, so that you know who to contact when you are in need of help concerning public transport.

To receive further information concerning barrier-free travel, please click on the respecive partner’s logo.

pics: ÖBB Personenverkehr AG, Österreichische Postbus AG, Salzburg AG