NIGHT BUS, Night Express, Night Star & Bus Taxi

For Night Owls in Town and Country

The Night Bus, Night Express, Night Star and Bus Taxi provide affordable and safe ways for all night owls to get home at the weekend and before public holidays. Whether cultural trip, sporting event or simply a night-time stroll: the various night services will get you to your destination.

Night Bus

The Night Bus travels in the night from Friday to Saturday, from Saturday to Sunday and sometimes before public holidays, for the affordable single price of € 4.50 per journey. On the day of the change from summer to/from winter time, buses follow the “old” time, as usual. For further details, please see the timetables of the individual areas in the state of Salzburg. The Night Bus ticket is valid on all Night Bus routes in the region of Salzburg Verkehr for one uninterrupted journey (transfers permitted).

Night buses are ordered by the local authorities and regional associations as a provision in addition to the regular services. Because of this, the prices are also set by these associations – currently a fixed price, depending on the route – and cannot be combined with network tickets.

Pinzgau Night Bus route

Attention! Not operating until further notice.

Flachgau Night Bus route

Night Express

In cooperation with Salzburg local railway, the regional association of Flachgau North has arranged an additional night train at a very late time.

The Night Express also leaves Salzburg at 0:10 and 02:00, and travels to Salzburg at 01:00 from Ostermiething and 01:20 from Lamprechtshausen.

It runs in the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday as well as in the nights before public holidays in addition to the midnight express. The provision offers “night owls” safe night-time travel to the city of Salzburg and home again from Salzburg at 02:00 in the morning.

Night Star to All Points of the Compass

The Night Star runs on Fridays, Saturdays and before public holidays. Trolleybus routes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 leave the stops at the city hall (Rathaus), F.-Hanusch-Platz and Makartplatz respectively at 23:15, 23:45, 00:15 and 00:45, travelling radially away from the city. Bus route 22 leaves Makartplatz at 23:24 and travels via Leopoldskron to the municipal cemetery (Kommunalfriedhof), bus route 25 leaves the city hall (Rathaus) at 23:45 and 00:45, and bus route 28 leaves F.-Hanusch-Platz at 00:15. All Night Star routes travel the same route as during the daytime. From Hans-Schmid-Platz via Siezenheimer Straße to Taxham and into the city via Kleßheimer Allee, the number 9 route is served by route 1. On the other days, the Bus Taxi is available for you.

Bus Taxi

The Bus Taxi will take you home safely, whether within the city of Salzburg or to Anif, Bergheim, Elixhausen, Fürstenbrunn, Grödig, Hallwang, Niederalm or Wals-Siezenheim. The Bus Taxi operates from Sunday to Thursday between 23:30 and 01:30 on 12 fixed routes from F.-Hanusch-Platz or Theatergasse. On Fridays, Saturdays and before public holidays, this services is available between 23:30 and 03:00 in the morning. Departure is on the hour and on the half-hour for the fixed price of € 4.50 per person, regardless of the route.

Request Stop
Choose the route that passes closest to your destination. Along the route, you can determine for yourself where you wish to alight.

Departure from Theatergasse
Route A: Itzling / Bergheim / Voggenberg / Lengfelden
Route B: Schallmoos / Sam* / Lengfelden / Elixhausen
Route C: Parsch / Gnigl / Langwied / Mayrwies / Hallwang / Tiefenbach* / Esch
Route D: Aigen / Glaser Straße

Departure from Hanuschplatz
Route E: Alpensiedlung P+R / Salzburg South
Route F: Nonntal / Morzg / Anif / Neu-Anif / Niederalm
Route G: Nonntal / Gneis / Birkensiedlung / Eichet / Grödig / Gartenau / St. Leonhard (Untersbergbahn)
Route H: Moosstraße / Glanegg / Fürstenbrunn
Route I: Kendlersiedlung / Viehhausen / Gois / Walserberg / Käferheim / Grünau
Route K: Airportcenter (first drop-off point) / Himmelreich DOC P+R / Wals / Siezenheim (Gasthaus Kamml)
Route L: Taxham / Liefering / Forellenwegsiedlung
Route M: Mülln / Lehen / Messe P+R / Salzachsee

* On request only

Individual night bus timetables are available here:

Timetable Download

All departure times in real time can be found on the Salzburg Verkehr App or in the Salzburg Verkehr timetable information:

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