Find the route that´s right for you – with the Salzburg Verkehr App

Frau mit Handy am Display Salzburg Verkehr-App
Frau mit Handy am Display Salzburg Verkehr-App

The Salzburg Verkehr app for iOS and Android helps you to find the best way to travel throughout Austria – always. Whether you want to use public transport, go by foot, bike or by car – the Salzburg Verkehr app offers you various and neatly arranged connections to choose from. However, it is more than an app for timetable information: not only can you find the perfect route for your trip, you can also see how much the ticket will be and have the possibility to buy it straightaway.

The app accesses the latest traffic data and offers you all relevant information concerning the traffic on your chosen route. That is how you know at any time which route and which means of transport suit your purpose best. The offered data from the Verkehrsauskunft Österreich (VAO) provide the basis for covering the whole transport scene.

Here is an overview of the things you can do with the Salzburg Verkehr app:

  • Timetable information – always have all routes at hand
  • Compare the travelling time – Should you take the car or go by bus? Reach your destination by taking the beeline and travel in an eco-friendly way.
  • Detail view – Shows different routes including ticket prices.
  • Departures monitor – Offers real-time information on all busses departing from one stop.
  • Intelligent map – Thanks to the Mobility Radar you always know which bus/train to take next.
  • Mobile ticket – buy your ticket the easiest and fastest way: wherever and whenever you want to.
  • NEW! download the Klimaticket Salzburg to your mobile phone. All information can be found here.


The Salzburg Verkehr app is available for Android and iOS either on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Find out more about the relevant features of the Salzburg Verkehr app:

Journey Planner

After entering your starting point as well as your desired destination the journey planner finds the three best connections for your request and shows them in a short list on your display. If the location services on your phone are enabled your current position can automatically be set as your starting point or destination. You can choose between different arrival or departure times and there is also the possibility of calling up earlier or later connections.

Comparison of travelling times:

The Salzburg Verkehr app does not only enable you to compare different connections and means of transport with each other but also offers you information concerning the carbon emission resulting from your trip.

Favorites: Save your starting points, destinations and routes as favorites by using the star symbol.

Detailed View

There is the possibility to show a more detailed view of every offered connection. It shows the ticket price as well as the individual destination points of each means of transport and the platform you need to go to.

You can also see a prompt of a detailed map with icons for your starting point and your destination and a draft of the chosen route if location sevices are enabled on your phone.


Route: All intermediate stations between your starting point and your destination, including the times of departure, can be displayed.

Departures Monitor

The departures monitor is a possibility to see all the departing busses/trains of a stop in real-time.

Intelligent Map

A map of the surrounding areas shows you all the stops that are near your current position. Detailed information on a certain stop can be accessed as well.

The Mobility Radar is a feature which allows you to see at a glance all possible means of transport that will leave in your surrounding area within the next 20 minutes.

Mobile Ticket

You want to buy the ticket you need for your trip at any time? The easiest and fastest way to do so is by using the Salzburg Verkehr app. Not only does it offer you timetable information and the price of your ticket – you can also buy it straightaway. Currently you can buy single ride tickets, day tickets, the myRegio weekly travel pass and the myRegio monthly travel pass for the area around Salzburg, including a core zone supplement if you want. At present mobile tickets can only be bought on iOS or Android.

Screenshot Salzburg Verkehr App: Ansicht Jahreskarte

digital Klimaticket Salzburg

The Klimaticket Salzburg can be activated in the Salzburg Verkehr-App at any time (with consent to the data being passed on to the app manufacturer). CAUTION! Please note that transferable Klimatickets, the Klimaticket Salzburg PLUS, cannot be used digitally due to the possibility of passing them on.