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For everyone travelling very short distances

A short trip ticket is only valid for travelling a maximum of two stops in one direction in the Salzburg’s core zone and for one station stop for regional buses and trains. Change of bus or train during the short distance trip is not allowed.

Core zone Salzburg 1-2 station stops
Purchase in advance
(only available in packs of 5)
€ 7,00 (€ 1,40 each)

Fares are valid from 01. January 2024


  • All fares are in EUR, taxes included.


Available in customer care centers? arrow_right Yes, as pre-sale tickets!
Available in tobacconist shops within the town of Salzburg? arrow_right Yes, as pre-sale tickets!
Available at SVV, Salzburg AG and ÖBB ticket vending machines? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Available via internet or app? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Available on bus? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Available on train? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Usage? arrow_right For personal use only. Transfer of already validated tickets is prohibited!
Lost a ticket? arrow_right Sorry, neither replacement nor refund possible!
Exchanging a ticket?
…not yet validated pre-sale ticket: arrow_right Remains valid after tariff adjustments. There’s also the possibility of exchanging the ticket, costs apply.
…already stamped or valid: arrow_right No refund possible.
Ticket inspection? arrow_right Always keep your validated ticket with you. It must be shown on request. No subsequent verification possible.
  • Passengers carrying luggage or sports equipment may get in touch with the operating transportation company in advance and check the possibility of transportation and charges that may apply.
  • Passengers carrying along animals shall refer to our tariff requirements .
  • The currently valid tariff requirements for the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH apply.



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