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Travelling with a bicycle

Holders of myRegio yearly ticket, the myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket may bring a bicycle on-board free-of-charge.

Now summer special for you and your bike. You can find more information about the expansion of the offer during the sommer months here.

The below rules apply only to the holders of myRegio annual ticket and the myRegio Edelweiß-Ticket.

Holders of a single-trip ticket, one-day ticket, myRegio weekly ticket, myRegio monthly ticket and myRegio student ticket may bring a bike on-board. Prices for the transport of a bike are regulated by the tariffs of the relevant transport companies.

Free-of-charge transport of a bike

A bike can be brought on public transport trains or buses for free by one person per vehicle only and provided that there is enough room. However, this rule does not apply to chaperones and other passengers entered in a family pass!

ÖBB local trains
Bikes can be transported in all ÖBB (Austrian federal railways) public transport trains, S-Bahn (S), regional trains (R), and regional express trains (REX) free-of-charge.

Bikes can be transported for free in all city buses (Albus by the middle door) and Obus trolley buses by the back door) from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until the end of the day and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays all day long.

Regional buses
In regional buses, bikes can only be transported in exceptional cases at the driver’s discretion.

Bringing a bike on-board for a fee

Salzburg local railways, Pinzgau local railways
Bikes can be transported in the trains of the Salzburger Lokalbahn, Pinzgauer Lokalbahn for a fee (a ticket for the bike can be purchased from the conductor).

The transportation company staff’s instructions must always be followed. Bringing a bike on board may be refused for reasons of security or capacity at any time without prior notice.

Traveling with a bike is, in principle, possible; however, spatial limitations must be respected: passengers and child carriages take priority over bicycles! Always remain considerate of your fellow passengers!