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Bike and animal transport


Bicycle Transport: General

Bicycle transport is essentially possible, but space limits in the vehicles must be taken into account: for reasons of safety or capacity, bicycle transport may be refused at any time and without notice. Passengers and pushchairs have priority over bicycles. Please show consideration for other fellow passengers. Please also note that some affiliated partners operate their own conditions for bicycle (e-bike) transport. The instructions of the transport company employees must be followed in all cases.
FREE: On the low-floor public service buses (OBUS and Albus) in Salzburg urban transport, bicycle transport is free on Monday – Friday from 09:00 to the end of the day, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

CHARGEABLE: With all other transport companies, bicycle transport must be paid for. The prices for bicycle transport are fares set by the respective transport companies; responsibility for them lies with the respective affiliated partners.

Obus Bicycle Transport

Salzburger local railway and Pinzgauer local railway Bicycle Transport

ÖBB (Austrian federal railways) Bicycle Transport

Österreichische Postbus AG Bicycle Transport

Westbahn Bicycle Transport

For holders of a KlimaTicket Österreich or KlimaTicket Salzburg (CLASSIC, CLASSIC PLUS, U26, SPEZIAL, SENIOR | EDELWEISS und SEMESTER)


Free bicycle transport applies for annual ticket holders (KlimaTicket Österreich or KlimaTicket Salzburg, including the CLASSIC, CLASSIC PLUS, U26, SPEZIAL, SENIOR | EDELWEISS and SEMESTER variants). Caution! ÖBB (Austrian federal railways) and Westbahn long-distance trains are not included. Accompanying people (at the weekend) or children listed in the Family Pass are exempt from this provision.

ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) Local Transport
On the local trains of ÖBB (S-Bahn, regional trains, REX) in the federal state of Salzburg bicycle transport is free for customers with an annual ticket, depending on the space available. Please note that there may be constraints at peak times in commuter traffic, when passengers without bicycles must be given priority.

Styrian Railway
Styrian railway trains (route 630)

Free bicycle transport on city buses – Obus boarding via the doors furthest to the rear, Albus via the middle doors.

  • Monday to Friday from 09:00 to the end of the day – bicycle transport is not permitted at peak times in morning commuter traffic.
  • Bicycle transport is possible all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Österreichische Postbus AG Regional Buses
On regional buses, bicycle transport is possible only in exceptional situations – the driver will decide – transport is generally free if passengers stow their bicycles in the luggage compartment for themselves.

Salzburg and Pinzgau local railway
Bicycles may be taken free of charge on Salzburg and Pinzgau local railway trains.

With the Freizeit-Ticket Salzburg it is not possible to take a bicycle with you free of charge.


Transporting animals in bus or train

Can I take my dog ​​with me for free?

All owners of a KlimaTicket Österreich or Salzburg CLASSIC (also in the CLASSIC PLUS, U26, SPEZIAL, SENIOR | EDELWEISS and SEMESTER variants) are allowed to take a dog with them on buses and trains on the SVV lines free of charge. Please note the muzzle and leash requirement. (Lapped dogs that are housed in suitable containers travel free anyway.)

As before, the minimum price for the dog must be paid for single rides, day- or 24-hour tickets. General free entry continues to apply to all partner, therapy and police dogs. Small and harmless animals (such as cats, guinea pigs etc.) that are transported in suitable containers (e.g. dog or cat boxes) can also be taken along free of charge.

Marked assistance dogs, therapy dogs and police dogs are transported free of charge and without the requirement to wear a muzzle.


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