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Have you lost anything on a bus or train?

Have you lost an item while travelling on one of our associated public transport partners’ busses or trains? All items found are being carefully taken care of and are waiting to be returned to their owners. Please contact the lost and found department of each transport corporation directly as they are able to help you straightaway.


To help you effectively it is important to remember the situation in as much detail as possible. Details such as the type of transport you used, the involved transport corporation, the time you travelled and your starting point as well as your destination may help finding your lost item. Ideally you still know the bus number or bus identification.


In urgent cases please contact us here: Service-Hotline

0662 632900

Lost & Found Offices

SAD Nahverkehr AG/Reisebüro Breuss GmbH & Co KG

Starkenbach 43
6491 Schönwies
t. +43 (0) 664 1122 129
t. +43 (0) 660 700 6419

Gasteiner Verkehrsbetriebe H. Lackner GmbH

Schareckstraße 12
5640 Bad Gastein
t. +43 (0) 6434 2823
f. +43 (0) 6434 2823 – 7