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Do you need to handle something in Salzburg and only need an hour to do so?

No matter how many means of public transport you use – you pay the same price for 60 minutes of full public transport service.

The 1h ticket for the core zone of Salzburg can be bought online beforehand on a computer or even on your smartphone. You can also buy the ticket at all ticket vending machines.

N.B.: Your last ride must be finished within 60 minutes. E.g.: From 12:11 p.m. to 1:10 p.m.

For more details have a look at our tariff requirements.

1h Ticket Full Fare Senior Fare Youth Fare Minimum Fare
Ticket Vending Machine / Smartphone / Internet € 2,40 € 1,90 € 1,60 € 1,20

Fares are valid from 01. January 2024

  • All fares are in EUR, taxes included.


Available in customer care centers? arrow_right Sorry, not available except for the SLB Customer Care Center!
Available in tobacconist shops within the town of Salzburg? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Available at SVV, Salzburg AG and ÖBB ticket vending machines? arrow_right Yes!
Available via internet or app? arrow_right Yes!
Available on bus? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Available on train? arrow_right Sorry, not available!
Usage? arrow_right For personal use only. Transfer of already validated tickets is prohibited!
Lost a ticket? arrow_right Sorry, neither replacement nor refund possible!
Exchanging a ticket?
…not yet validated with fixed validity period: arrow_right Dependent on the GTC of the operating company.
…not yet validated pre-sale ticket: arrow_right Remains valid after tariff adjustments. There’s also the possibility of exchanging the ticket, costs apply.
…already stamped or valid: arrow_right No refund possible.
Ticket inspection? arrow_right Always keep your validated ticket with you. It must be shown on request. No subsequent verification possible.
  • Passengers carrying luggage or sports equipment may get in touch with the operating transportation company in advance and check the possibility of transportation and charges that may apply.
  • Passengers carrying along animals shall refer to our tariff requirements .
  • The currently valid tariff requirements for the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH apply.


No matter how many means of public transport you use – you pay the same price for 60 minutes of full public transport service.



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