Climate Ticket Salzburg Student

Clever savings with the Climate Ticket for students!

The Climate Ticket Salzburg Student is simple, cheap and above all offers significantly greater benefit – and here are the advantages of the new semester ticket at a glance:

  • The entire federal state on just one ticket: The Climate Ticket Salzburg is no longer just for one specific route from home to university or to the city of Salzburg; it is a network ticket for the entire federal state of Salzburg.
  • 6 months: The ticket is now also valid during semester breaks and in the summer holidays; valid from 01.09. to 28.02 (winter semester) or from 01.03. to 31.08 (summer semester).
  • 1 ticket per semester costs just 137 euros, i.e. 274 euros per year.

Please note: The Climate Ticket Salzburg Student is not transferable and it entitles you to make as many journeys as you wish within the federal state of Salzburg during the specified period.

How much does the Climate Ticket Salzburg Student cost?

Entire federal state of Salzburg Price Additional zone purchase price per zone in Upper Austria
Per term € 137,00 € 20,00

Inter-state tickets to Upper Austria can also be issued. The additional zone purchase price per zone within the fare zone in Upper Austria is 20.00 euros.

Fare valid from 1st January 2022

  • All fares are stated in euros and inclusive of statutory value added tax.

Conditions of Purchase for a Climate Ticket Salzburg Student

  • You must be enrolled as a regular student at a university in Austria. Your study location or the place where you live must be within the federal state of Salzburg. Irregular students are unfortunately not eligible.
  • You must be under 26 on 01.09. of the respective academic year. The stated deadline applies both for the winter semester and for the following summer semester.

We are bound by legal requirements here and unfortunately able to make no exceptions.

How to obtain your Climate Ticket Salzburg Student

Applications can be made exclusively online. Your confirmation of enrolment (“study record of regular students” or “study enrolment confirmation”) must be provided digitally. You pay only the sale price. This is the actual price less all subsidies granted. A provisional Climate Ticket Salzburg Student will be sent by e-mail as soon as your documents have been checked and the payment has been received. Checks are carried out on working days during normal office hours. This process takes up to three working days in the case of payment by credit card. This process takes up to five working days in the case of payment by bank transfer.

Cancellation of a Climate Ticket Salzburg Student

Without exception, a Climate Ticket Salzburg Student can be cancelled by Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH.

When the ticket is returned, half of the total price is deducted for each month or part thereof, from the first day of validity. A refund fee of € 5.00 is payable. The cancellation takes effect on the date when the Climate Ticket Salzburg Student arrives at Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH. The “Cancellation Request” form must be used for this and can be submitted to Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH in person, together with the ticket. By post, the request and the ticket should be sent to Salzburger Verkehrsverbund GmbH. The customer shall bear the risk of access to this. If the return is made by post, the postmark no later than one day after the end of the current month is accepted as the return date.

Scope of Validity of the Climate Ticket Salzburg Student

The scope of validity of the Climate Ticket Salzburg Student has been aligned with that of the Climate Ticket Salzburg.
The Climate Ticket Salzburg Student is valid in entire federal state of Salzburg. In addition, every new ticket is valid for students on the following bus and rail routes:

  • Freilassing zone: Between Salzburg and Freilassing on ÖBB (Austrian federal railways) local transport (S-Bahn, R, REX), Südostbayernbahn (southeast Bavarian railway) and Bayerische Regiobahn GmbH (BRB, Bavarian regional railway) to Freilassing Bahnhof, Freilassing urban transport on buses 81 and 82, Berchtesgadener Landbahn railway from Freilassing station to Freilassing Hofham and on the entire route of bus 24
  • Upper Austrian and Bavarian sections of the SVV routes:
    Bus route 111 to Feldkirchen Ortsmitte terminus
    Bus route 112 from Laufen to Ostermiething respectively to the terminus (Laufen Gymnasium and Österreichmiething S-Bahn bus terminal)
    Bus route 120 to the terminus Palting Ortsmitte
    Bus route 130 to Friedburg railway station
    Bus routes 140 and 143 to the terminus Mondsee bus terminal
    Bus route 149 to Ried am Wolfgangsee HLW
    Bus route 150 to the terminus Bad Ischl railway station
    Bus route 156 from St Gilgen to the terminus Mondsee bus terminal
    Bus route 470 to the terminus Gosau, junction to Gschütt Pass
  • Corridor routes
    Bus route 260 Salzburg – Bad Reichenhall – Lofer – Zell am See
    Bus route 180 Salzburg – Bad Reichenhall main railway station
  • Route S1/S11 Salzburg local railway to Ostermiething terminus
  • A direct journey from Strobl bus station to Ried am Wolfgangsee, with no boarding or alighting in Upper Austria
  • Salzburg to Unterburgau am Attersee via Mondsee (boarding/alighting in Unterburgau)

Download Climate Ticket Salzburg Student on your mobile

All information about how to find your digital Climate Ticket Salzburg in the Salzburg Verkehr App can be found in our FAQs.

Do you have any questions about the Climate Ticket Salzburg Student? Take a look at our FAQs, where you will find the answers to your questions!

  • Passengers with luggage and/or sports equipment: Please find the luggage conditions and potential costs directly from the respective transport company.
  • Passengers with animals, please click here (contains an excerpts from the fare conditions).
  • The current version of the fare conditions of Salzburger Verkehrsverbund applies.


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